From Baltic to Caspian Sea is almost like from Finland to Middle East

River cruise 'From Baltic to Caspian Sea' is crossing the area almost from Finland to Middle East, although it is done within one country. Definitely, should there be a regular ferry-boat across the Caspian Sea from Astrakhan to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan that is safe, peaceful and picturesque Middle Eastern country – we would’ve been among the first ones to offer such an extension! We would do this with the only purpose to add а charm of travelling to Middle East that is just a little over than 400 miles away! But even without such a contrast the itinerary has enough to make this voyage pleasant and cognitive travel experience, because it crosses lands and stops in the cities of more than 20 cultures! The voyage ends at Rostov-on-Don that is just 25 miles from the Sea of Azov and 200 miles from the Black Sea. By the way, there are direct flights from Rostov-on-Don to Baku, Azerbaijan.

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